what gifts do you have to share?

we believe you have *so* many.

This 5-video course walks you through the gift you are and shows you how to share that gift with the world.

We know this from Catholic teaching, Scripture, and the Saints.

We want every woman to remember she has something vital to share.

Because she does.

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what gifts do you have to share?

The Gift of You Course

The Gift of You course invites you to learn more about yourself, realize what you have to offer, and give generously back to God and your community.

  • This course includes the “Gift of You” assessment: a self-guided series of questions designed to help you know your strengths and gifts better.

  • Five 30-minute video segments with downloadable guides to continue self-discovery with resources from the Catholic Faith.

  • Two bonus videos on leadership-specific elements for you to begin or grow in your role as a community leader.

The Segments Include

  • Introduction //

    The Gift of You assessment to tailor the course to your needs

  • Identity //

    Root your relationship with God through prayer

  • Authentic Community + Sisterhood //

    What it looks like and how to build it

  • Spiritual Grounding //

    Be in God’s presence at all times

  • Activate //

    Live out the Fruits of the Holy Spirit in community and family

Bonus Videos on Leadership

These videos give you additional leadership-specific elements for you to begin or grow in your role as a community leader.

  • Lead Confidently

    Learn to confidently establish a group from nitty gritty details on setting it up to leading your first session with examination of six key elements.

  • Lead with Love

    Hone your conversational guidance skills in top issues that group leaders face and in-depth alternative responses including a specific personality type assessment.


  • Nell O'Leary

    Nell O'Leary

    Managing Editor of Blessed is She

    Nell O’Leary is an attorney-on-hiatus, speaker, writer, and editor who loves developing and supporting women in community. She earned her Juris Doctorate from Ave Maria School of Law in 2008 and her undergraduate in English and Business from the University of Minnesota in 2005. She's the Managing Editor for Blessed is She. She and her fellow attorney husband live in the great city of Saint Paul, Minnesota with their four children. Hot cocoa is her favorite drink and sewing is her favorite pastime.